The WPP Global Retail Forum is a continuing education opportunity designed for marketers in retail. This year’s event featured the likes of Samsung, Dell, and IBM to name a few, speaking about key shifts in consumer buying behavior and ways to better connect with today’s shopper.

Jennifer Hahs – Research Director at Gain Theory – took the ground to download the biggest takeaways to help keep marketers one step ahead, to become faster and smarter in the ever-changing retail landscape.

We have curated this interactive, all device friendly playbook, so you can take away the major themes:

1. Get Back to Basics
Optimizing existing practice.

2. Be Nimble
Changing things that aren’t working.

3. Be Disruptive
Reinventing the norm.

4. Be Kind
Connecting with humans.

5. Future Now
Embracing the next generation.

6. Engaging Today’s Shopper
Seeing through the customer’s eyes.


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