“The analytic rigor of the team is exceptional, coupled with deep industry knowledge, which immediately instils confidence in the work and the recommendations.” Retail Client 


A global CPG company with 18 brands across three divisions had historically set marketing budgets by brand (as a % of sales) with no consideration for cross-brand impacts. Gain Theory was commissioned to build a data-driven portfolio investment approach.


Using Market Mix Modeling, we established the relative impact of marketing by brand. We also devised an approach to estimate response for smaller, non-modeled brands. Marketing response was calibrated using category, brand and consumer trends to reflect future conditions (e.g., ‘return to work’). Using our Gain Theory Interactive platform, we were able to run hundreds of scenarios at speed, within and across division. Key constraints (e.g., committed $ and planned launches) were included to guarantee actionable recommendations.


Results highlighted a $90MM opportunity, resulting in changes in brand-level support and ultimately, leading to a significant increase in overall portfolio investment.


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