“Gain Theory is thorough, smart, responsive, sensible, mixed with real world pragmatism.  Clear, intelligent and strategic interpretation of market analysis and modelling data to drive decision making.” 


A large, global automotive organization commissioned Gain Theory to measure and optimize its omni-channel marketing 


Through bi-weekly models, Gain Theory helped optimize investments across audience, online and offline media, placements  and creative within each campaign cycle. Rolling forecasts were provided and tracked against actual performance to continuously validate the model. Due to high model confidence (within 2% of actual), teams actioned model insights regularly. For one recent car launch, video (TV + digital) partners and creatives were optimized every two weeks leading up to, and post launch.


Fast test and learn turnaround enabled activation improvements 12 times during the campaign, yielding +18% in anticipated test-drives, with no increase in budgets.  Overall, the program generated +56MM in revenue in 2020 and reduced depth of markdowns by 2.5% year-on-year (increasing overall profit).


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