A global foresight consultancy.

We are a team of data scientists, analysts, technologists, and consultants united by a single purpose: to help brands accelerate growth.

We do this by fusing hindsight, insight, and foresight… bringing together learning from the past with insights about the future.

Our award-winning solutions deliver meaningful business intelligence, at speed, to improve investment decisions and activation. We leave no stone unturned, evaluating all potential opportunities for growth. 

We deliver pragmatic, data-informed recommendations, highlighting strategic and tactical opportunities to improve business performance.

Top questions most asked by our clients, and answered by Gain Theory consultants:

  1. Which of my investments have the biggest impact on sales, and why?
  2. How do external factors, like the weather, economy or COVID-19 affect my sales?
  3. How much do I need to spend to reach my sales target?
  4. If I cut investment today, how will that impact my sales over the next quarter and longer term?
  5. How much should I invest to drive +20% e-commerce growth in the next 6 months?
  6. Which of my audiences is easier to convert through marketing, and how can I tap into their motivations?
  7. How do price changes impact my product sales?

What We Do

Our solutions support clients across four core pillars:

Why Brands Choose Gain Theory

A Focus on What Matters Most

Our proprietary ‘Marketing Effectiveness Assessment’ benchmarks each brand’s measurement maturity and areas of opportunity for growth. Priorities are delivered via a customized multi-phase roadmap.

Fusion of Hindsight, Insight and Foresight

We integrate Unified Measurement solutions with consumer and market trends, data signals, testing, simulation, and war-gaming, to deliver hindsight (what happened), insight (why) and foresight (what might happen next), helping brands accelerate business growth.

Innovative Solutions That Add Value, Not Complexity

We believe in full transparency. We openly share our data, tools and methodology with our clients, especially those wanting to in-house. Award winning solutions provide a full view of all business drivers, strategically and tactically. Insights are connected directly to activation.

Speed to Insight

Our proprietary technology platform includes machine learning to deliver insights and optimization opportunities at the speed in which our clients operate.  Our platform directly connects business intelligence to decision-making and activation enabling tangible business growth to be realized.

Trusted Advice from Industry Experts

We have a 40+ year heritage in marketing effectiveness. We have deep industry knowledge which we use to provide context for our clients. And, through our parent company, WPP, we have unrivalled access to specialists across all marketing disciplines, ensuring that the recommendations we make incorporate real-world practicality.


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