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Marketing measurement is not new.  From basic reporting, to more advanced methods, most marketers today apply a variety of techniques to evaluate their marketing’s impact. Yet, while data and insights are now more readily available, a large number of marketing decisions are still based on just ‘gut feel’, resulting in marketing that fails to live up to its full potential.

There is a clear difference between knowing and doing. Generating insights isn’t enough; we help our clients action learnings to improve marketing performance over time.

At Gain Theory, we are united by a common mission: to empower informed marketing decisions by more people, more often.

Our consultants bring deep marketing and measurement experience.  Using our Marketing Excellence Operating System, we ask and answer the right business questions – those that will make a meaningful difference, delivering sustainable business growth, quickly and cost efficiently.

Examples of the types of questions we tackle include:

  • What are all the factors that drive my business?
  • How do those business drivers work both in isolation and together?
  • How can I deliver incremental growth that is profitable?
  • How can I achieve my business objectives?
  • How do I get buy in for my business plan?
  • How do I take others on the journey?
  • How can I improve the return on investment from my marketing activity?
  • How can I improve customer lifetime value / loyalty?
  • How much should I invest in the brand vs. promotions?
  • How often / how many times do consumers need to see my advertising?
  • How can I improve my organization’s approach to be more data led?


We value stories, simply told.

A miscommunicated insight is a dangerous insight.  While our methods are highly sophisticated, we also understand the value of keeping things clear and simple.  We don’t use jargon.  We focus on communicating recommendations that can be easily understood, socialized broadly, and properly acted upon.


Gain Theory’s Marketing Excellence Operating System

Our Marketing Excellence Operating System underpins everything we do… ensuring that we ask and answer the right business questions to drive sustainable business growth, quickly and cost efficiently.

The Operating System includes 4 components:

Foundations: data & technology audits and recommendations; industry and peer benchmarking; data augmentation; and data harmonization & reporting.

Diagnostics: analytics powered by advanced computational methods including AI and machine learning to balance, breadth, depth and speed of insight.

Predictive Outcomes: consultancy and client-side tools to support informed marketing decisions.

Transformation: change management supporting skillset development and the organizational restructuring required to activate marketing insights.


Global Coverage

Gain Theory’s Marketing Excellence Operating System is available in 120 markets worldwide.

Servicing is done through our headquarters in New York, London and Singapore and through local satellite offices.



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