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In a world where you have so much choice, it’s hard to deny the desire for more.

This is especially true for consumers who according to a new study by Wunderman, want brands to actively demonstrate “they understand and care about me” before they consider purchasing.

Marketers are primarily focused on developing consumer loyalty to their brands, but the data shows that brands now need to demonstrate their commitment to serving the consumer and exceeding their expectations every day.

Wantedness as defined by Wunderman is  “the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer’s business across every touch point and throughout the entire path to purchase.”

The study conducted in partnership with  Penn Schoen Berland surveyed 2,000 people in the US and UK. With the findings consistent across ages, genders and geography, 79% of consumers surveyed said that brands must actively demonstrate ‘they understand and care about me’ before even considering a purchase. So what can marketers do to demonstrate their commitment, and stay one step ahead?

  1. Setting New Standards
    Historically, marketers focused on developing customer loyalty to their brand, but consumers now have new expectations. In a generation where everything is only a click away from a phone, brands need to adapt quickly, understand consumers’ needs and respond to those needs every day, to show that they are committed every step of the way.
  1. From Building to Serving Customer Loyalty
    Consumers want to feel valued, but it is no longer about just sending over a promotional coupon. Marketers now need to commit to serving customers, every day and at every point in the relationship. The key here is delivering needs, as loyal brands.
  1. Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Expectations
    By looking at data, marketers can not only understand the consumer’s perspective and expectations, they are able to serve the right messages and experiences consumers need, at the right time. Here, insight turns into action.

Whereas exceeding expectations is the new norm, brands now thrive by not only seeking loyal customers, but understanding that customers are real people, who yearn to be cared for.

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