We often hear the term ‘head versus heart’, but even romance novels tell us that choosing one above the other may lead to an unhappy ending.

The marriage of data and creativity does not always come naturally. Any marketer worth their salt knows that in order to compete in today’s data-obsessed world, you must use data and analytics to help guide creative decisions. So how can you strike the right balance and ensure your marketing culture is one that not only embraces analytics but also an emotional strategy?

The Financial Times Future of Marketing Summit 2016 in New York saw  Kayak, Diageo and Gain Theory come together in a thrilling discussion about this topic.

  •  Data is like architecture Jason Chebib, Vice President, Consumer Planning, North America at Diageo shared an interesting analogy of Byron Sharp, where data is like architecture. There are certain principles, laws of physics, which underlie whether a building will stand or fall. However, when it comes to what you design on top of that, it has nothing to do with the laws of physics, but everything to do with the creative mind. Such as an architect and a designer come together to produce a masterpiece, data and creativity are no different. Art is lifted through its foundation, as marketers put a platform for great creative to happen.
  • Data is just a number Whereas data is raw material, the key is what you find out about it and what you do with the data. One may have all the data in the world, but it is essential to set objectives up front and ask the right questions.
  • So what? Factor Manjiry Tamhane, Global CEO at Gain Theory tells us that data and creativity have been going hand in hand for decades, but now we need to bring in the “so what?” factor into all of that. The relationship between data and creativity is clear; it’s now about bringing the idea to life.
  • Pulling TV from the marketing mix Ian Akehurst, Vice President, Marketing Analytics & Media, Kayak talked about Kayak’s bold data-driven strategy to move away from TV advertising to VOD channels which sparks interesting debate about TV’s role in generating awareness and how one should have a solid back up plan.

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