At Gain Theory we believe that Marketing is the engine of profitable and sustainable business growth. We know that marketing is the key differentiator for brands today and can be the key weapon at our disposal that will drive growth.

Jon Webb, Managing Partner at Gain Theory, will be joining a panel of experts at the ISBA conference in London on March 5 at 2:30 GMT to discuss the burning issues currently faced in the twin worlds of marketing and marketing effectiveness. Key takeouts:

  • Driving the effectiveness agenda and overcoming the short-term trends, with a focus on the KPIs and metrics that really matter.
  • Overcoming the barriers within a company culture that prevent marketing excellence
  • Why should the C-Suite care? What is the size of the prize if we can get this right?

Joining the discussion will be:

  • Libby Child, Founder, Greengrass Consulting
  • Mark Evans, Marketing Director, Direct Line Group
  • Janet Markwick, Global EVP Operations & Production, Young & Rubicon
  • Nick Pugh, Head of Effectiveness, Ebiquity

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