Uncertainty is forcing brands to invest more wisely   

In an uncertain world, knowing how and when to spend and optimize media to meet challenging objectives is an increasingly difficult task. With data privacy rendering user-level measurement obsolete, knowing which channels, creatives, and tactics are resonating with your audiences is hard.  

As consumer behavior continues to change rapidly, the pressure is also on to inform the C-suite about how these shifts will impact the wider business. With marketing budgets already under pressure, it has never been more important to access relevant insights quickly and efficiently. 

Sensor™: ​Near-time, granular insights to improve marketing effectiveness  

Sensor™ is a multi-channel attribution solution that helps marketers to understand where, when and to what extent audiences are interacting with campaigns. Armed with this knowledge, marketers can make timely tactical investment decisions and optimize campaigns in-flight to improve effectiveness.

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Key features: 

  • PII-compliant: built on privacy-first data that can be accessed via our integrated platform 
  • Multi-channel: measure both online and offline channels in one holistic solution 
  • Near-time: get results at a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cadence 
  • Granular: receive insights across channels, creatives, partners, audiences and more 
  • Robust: increase insight depth by factoring in additional data elements, such as local economic metrics, weather, seasonality, holidays, and promotions 
  • Unique: benefit from proprietary methodology, exclusive data partnerships, and Gain Theory’s high-touch consultancy services 

Key benefits: 

  • Increase ROI by optimizing campaigns at the tactical level in near time 
  • Enhance decision-making with granular insights that are displayed on an easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Improve visibility by using Sensor™ alongside marketing mix modeling to get a unified measurement view that covers short- and long-term impacts 
  • Tried and tested by some of the world’s leading brands 

Sensor™ delivers results that are generating ROI in the real world  

A global beverages company, which measures the relative effectiveness of its media spend across all platforms, credited Sensor™ with delivering a 30% year-on-year improvement in media ROI.

A global automotive manufacturer, which used Sensor™ to measure and optimize a multi-channel marketing campaign, saw the campaign deliver $56 million in additional revenue and a 2.5% uplift in margin. 

“Sensor™ gave us a fantastic, up-to-date point of view on our most recent campaign across geographies, paid-social, audiences and even out-of-home by media channel and tactic. Gain Theory’s team activated Sensor™ quickly and worked seamlessly with our organization to deliver impact that set us on an enhanced growth trajectory for one of our key businesses.” Brian Orlando, CMO, North America, Upfield

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Managing Partner and Head of New Media Measurement at Gain Theory, Russell Nuzzo, has featured in the latest episode of @TheDrumNetwork's podcast to discuss the future of web3 in the new digital age, and how measurement plays a vital part in its success. https://t.co/zb6kLznD0T


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