“Our research departments are being side-lined and overworked while Data Analytics and Data Scientists are brought in to do the work the research team could do, given time to think.  Two Data Scientists came in – one reports to Marketing and the other to Digital; and they don’t talk to each other.”

– VP Research & Insight

Having the right insights is only half the battle when it comes to maximizing marketing’s value. The structure of your marketing organization and the processes used to plan and deploy marketing investments directly impacts your ability to improve marketing returns.

At Gain Theory, we align client organizations around a disciplined approach to marketing investment management, from budget setting and allocation to tracking and measurement.

Through stakeholder interviews, we identify what works well and areas that need improvement. And, importantly, we help our clients set measurable business objectives and develop systems to track performance and optimize marketing performance.

Through a partnership approach, we help build best-in-class marketing organizations with talent deeply rooted in all facets of marketing, applied statistics, computer programming, organizational behavior and decision science methods.

Areas of expertise include:
• Audits
• Skill Assessment
• Benchmarking
• Resource Restructuring: People, Process and Technology
• Measurement Approach Integration




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