For some, delivering insight is the end result. For us, it’s only the beginning. An insight on its own is of limited interest – it can tell you whether marketing is ‘paying back’, but it lacks context – the ‘why’, ‘so what’ and ‘what’s next’. Gain Theory empowers clients with a holistic understanding of marketing effectiveness by helping ask, and answer, the right question, and making recommendations to deliver financial success.

Gain Theory consultants provide ‘go to market’ strategies, grounded in insight, and help socialize these strategies across client and partner organizations to ensure that recommendations are successfully implemented.

To ensure results are activated, we can embed Gain Theory consultants on a full-time or part-time basis.


Gain Theory Interactive is a web-based portal that harnesses the power of our work to enable marketing organizations to visualize business performance and identify opportunities for improvements.  GTI is a flexible system that can include:

  • Off-the-self, standardized modules that can be activated quickly and cost efficiently
  • Off-the-shelf, but customized modules which can be activated quickly and cost-efficiently
  • Custom modules based on client-specific requirements or needs

Off the shelf modules fall into three primary categories:

  1. Data (Reporting) Library: connects to consolidated databases to provide access to business drivers and business performance, on demand.
  2. Model Viewers: provides crisp and clear visualization of analytic model output, designed in close consultation with end-users to ensure upstream strategic value, as well as down-stream tactical campaign optimization decisions.
  3. Optimizer / Scenario Planners: uses model findings to support future investment decisions and to forecast likely business impact



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