Data Strategy

More data is available to marketers than ever before, however, not all data is created equal. Hidden amongst the vast amount of data is the data that really matters… that which can truly be used to inform marketing choices and can deliver improved business results. Using audits, benchmarks and advanced analytics, we help to identify, and prioritize, these critical data sources and metrics.

Data Enrichment

Raw data can often suffer from a range of issues including bad formatting and typographical errors or omissions… generating snapshot results rather than a full picture.  We help clients improve data quality, by cleaning and integrating data sources.  We also enhance data by filling gaps, adding value and creating a complete picture to support strategic decision making.

Data Integration and Warehousing

Ongoing data collection and integration sits at the center of many of our engagements, as it enables our teams to have the best possible intelligence to make faster, smarter investment decisions.  Our proprietary data management system was developed to facilitate fast and efficient data collection and harmonization, and includes an API marketplace, an integrated data repository and a user-level data repository.

Data Visualization

In our experience, no two clients face the exact same challenge. For this reason, our preferred approach to data visualization is to avoid a single ‘off the shelf’ dashboard.  Instead, we use a combination of proprietary and 3rd party technologies to create bespoke visualizations that solve ‘real world’ business challenges.  With that said, we do have a number of solutions, designed in close consultation with end-users, that can be customized, but deployed quickly and cost efficiently. We also offer completely bespoke solutions.




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