In the case of a vast choice and lots of supply to meet demand, customers can be choosy. There’s a temptation to drive price down and marketers are challenged to create the right pricing strategies.

Our philosophy is to start by asking the right questions such as what is the impact of changing the price of my product or service; how will it affect its own sale; what impact will this have for other products in my portfolio, and for what category?

We help clients understand the impact of their pricing decisions, whether it’s reducing price to become more competitive or increasing price to maintain a healthy margin. Our approach is underpinned by market expertise, a consultative approach and industry-leading tools and techniques, to ensure you make the right decision.

  • Price Elasticity: Measuring the relationship between changes in price and changes in sales
  • Cross Price Effects: Understanding how price changes of other brands / products impact your sales
  • Differential Pricing: Variable pricing by customer group (for example, based on Risk, Demand or Supply)
  • How Media Can Support Price Increases: Proving the relationship between media investment and the ability to charge higher prices, through reducing the price elasticity
  • Optimal Pricing Strategy: A system for determining the best mix of pricing across countries/brands/products/outlets to achieve set objectives (for example, volume, revenue, profit)



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