Location, location, location. In today’s digital world, the distribution of services and products has extended far beyond traditional outlets such as bricks and mortar or websites. From affiliates to social, mobile and now augmented reality, marketers need to think hard about the right placement strategy for their audience.

Gain Theory’s approach to service or product placement is underpinned by insights derived from industry-leading analytics, market knowledge, trends and a consultative approach that starts with asking the most pertinent questions that might impact business KPIs.

Just a few example questions we get asked –

  • Offline Retail – “where should I open my next store?”, “what impact will refurbishing a store have on sales?”, “should we create an online sales channel?”, “what impact will a competitor opening nearby have on our sales?”
  • Online Retail – “should we redesign our website?”, “what impact did changing our landing page have on conversion rates?”
  • FMCG – “what if retailer X stopped stocking our products?”, “is our selective distribution strategy a good one or should we broaden the range of retailers we supply to?”



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