Does marketing drive your business? If so, by how much and is it worth the investment? What level of investment is required to hit business goals? If you find yourself asking these questions then, Market Mix Modelling has the answers.

Imagine being able to understand the different factors that have contributed to your KPIs and how they have changed. Some of these factors will be under your direct control e.g. media, pricing, and promotions and others will be outside of your influence e.g. seasonality and competitor promotions.

Our Marketing Mix Modelling approach will take any factor that has had an influence on sales (or the modelled KPI) and ensure that no one factor is under or over-estimated, giving you valuable insight into the key levers for your business.

  • Plan more efficiently in the future to meet specific objectives
  • Provide valuable information about how to best set budgets
  • Give you the information you need to respond to events that are outside of your control



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