From foot traffic to sales, search marketing can have a tremendous impact on your brand’s performance in physical stores. How do you make the most of this connection and measure the impact of your search marketing on in-store KPIs and goals? Catalyst and Gain Theory joined forces in a new webinar on June 14th to show retailers and brands how to maximize and measure the search engine and in-store connection.

Our expert speakers, Kerry Curran, Managing Partner at Catalyst, and our very own Earl Potter, Senior Partner at Gain Theory, discussed innovative and actionable ways to:

  • Use search marketing to guide your customers from search engines to stores
  • Create a frictionless shopping experience that maximizes in-store foot traffic and drives sales
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing investment
  • Leverage retail marketing insights to address the challenges you face in tying online behavior to offline actions
  • Understand and optimize digital’s impact on in-store performance and your bottom line

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