NEW YORK, NY – Gain Theory’s Karen Kaufman, Global CSO, has been recognized by Campaign US as a 2021 honoree in the annual 40 Over 40 list.

A true dynamic leader in media, marketing, and advertising, Karen joins an elite group of honorees on this list, lauded for her contributions to the future of marketing effectiveness and data analytics.

A 22-year WPP marketing maven and analytics veteran, Karen’s career began at a San Francisco non-profit working with troubled youth. She leveraged her strengths inspiring people and finding solutions to challenges, long before realizing her ambition to become a Global CSO.

Karen has achieved extraordinary feats through perseverance, brilliance, kindness, and incredible dedication. Her fierce drive breeds success, exemplified through her insatiable desire to influence company growth—Karen has met or exceeded every financial revenue target she’s ever received from business development. This same tenacity stimulates her client engagements, which are built on a solid foundation of trust, securing her several client relationships spanning over a decade.  

Karen’s accomplishments set her apart from peers, underpinned by Gain Theory’s success. Karen’s admirable attributes extend beyond business and client growth in meaningful and impactful ways. A busy Global CSO and champion of feminism in our industry, she devotes time to mentor employees and parent two inquisitive boys. She vocalizes her efforts to shape their life experience, seeing a successful woman in a big company, viewing the world through a lens with endless possibilities for women. She balances her purpose and career thoughtfully with her relationship with her sons at home, knowing the importance for growing men to see women as inspirational role models.

Karen’s unique qualification for this award is reflected through feedback from peers, direct reports, and clients, expressing her impact on brand growth and personal achievements.

“Karen has a natural nurturing style which coupled with her innovative ideas can be extremely inspirational.”

“Her storytelling, visionary ideas are compelling.”

“Karen is the true MVP in the rooms [we] enter.”

We’re thrilled to congratulate Karen for this well-deserved honor.


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