Gain Theory’s Marketing Excellence Operating System

Our Marketing Excellence Operating System underpins everything we do… ensuring that we ask and answer the right business questions to drive sustainable business growth, quickly and cost efficiently.

The Operating System includes 4 components:

Foundations: data & technology audits and recommendations; industry and peer benchmarking; data augmentation; and data harmonization & reporting.

Diagnostics: analytics powered by advanced computational methods including AI and machine learning to balance, breadth, depth and speed of insight.

Predictive Outcomes: consultancy and client-side tools to support informed marketing decisions.

Transformation: change management supporting skillset development and the organizational restructuring required to activate marketing insights.

Our Approach

We source the best data available; we apply AI and Machine Learning to power advanced analytics; we pair consultancy and technology to support insight activation; and we help build smarter, more agile, data-informed cultures.

We Inspire Marketing Excellence by empowering more informed marketing decisions, by more people, more often.

The result… marketing programs that deliver sustainable business growth, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Holistic Insights with Unified Measurement

Our Unified Measurement approach provides Marketers with a consistent view of performance for all business drivers, marketing channels and tactics against short, medium and long-term sales horizons.

The focus of our Unified offering is on delivering business insights, with high predictive power, at speed, supporting:

  1. Business Planning: investment planning across geographies, brands and channels to deliver mid- to long-term business value
  2. Campaign Optimization: ability to shift campaign investments based on near-term partner performance
  3. Testing: incremental lift for ‘new’ activities.
  4. Decision Making: supported via unified scenario planning / optimization on a cloud-based platform.

Strategic Insights with Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM): Measures the impact of all key business drivers on business performance.  Models include: Distribution, Base Price, Trade, Above-the-Line, Below-the-Line, Owned Assets, Earned Assets and Non-Controllable Drivers (e.g. Holidays, Economic Indicators, Competitive, etc.).

  • Gain Theory’s AdModelTM: a unique approach to MMM that converts spend, ratings and impressions across all media into a common currency: ‘Effective Cover’; used to understand the optimal number of campaign exposures, and over what time period… providing insights that are incredibly powerful for media planning.
  • Gain Theory Integrated Marketing ResponseTM: measures the impact of all key business drivers, across the consumer journey, allowing for the accurate measurement of ‘upper funnel’ activities that are normally understated in standard market mix models.
  • Gain Theory UCMTM: measures the impact of business drivers on base sales.

Tactical Insights: We offer a number of tactical measurement solutions, to meet the unique needs of our clients.

  • Gain Theory SensorTM: provides a near-term view of campaign performance, inclusive of online and offline marketing touchpoints, while controlling for exogenous business drivers. Supports ongoing optimization across partners, creative, geography and more. Sensor does not require PII (Personally Identifiable Information).
  • Multi Touch Attribution (user-level): provides a near-term (daily) view of campaign performance, inclusive of online and select offline touchpoints – validating decisions and allowing for course correction.
  • Gain Theory Digital Attribution: uncovers the impact of digital channels and tactics on a digital conversion KPI. This provides learning around what worked and what didn’t and supports future Digital investments.

Decision Making Simplified: Gain Theory Interactive

Gain Theory Interactive is a simple to use insight platform that supports multiple use cases e.g. data visualization, diagnostics, scenario planning, optimization and forecasting to name a few.

GTi answers a wide range of marketing questions, including:

  • How should I optimize marketing investment?
  • How can I achieve my sales goal?
  • How should I support a new product launch?
  • What marketing tactics give me the biggest bang for my buck?
  • Which markets should I prioritize for marketing investment?

For more information on GTi click here.  

Broader Insights and Business Change

To inform broader strategy questions such as customer segment opportunities, regional variations, optimal investments, we have developed a range of innovative and proprietary solutions such as:

  • Next BestTM: scores individuals based on their likelihood to convert. This solution is used to prioritize audiences, channels and messages to improve customer conversion.   
  • Agent-Based Modeling (ABM): simulates the impacts of changing category dynamics & evolving consumers on sales and market share.
  • Leading IndicatorsTM: identifies trackable consumer behaviors indicative of future purchase behavior, enabling recalibration.

Data and Privacy
We combine client data, third party data and proprietary data to fuel our solutions.  We meet all regulatory, industry and geo consumer privacy standards/requirements.  All of our approaches are non-PII dependent and GDPR and CCPA compliant.


Our Transformation practice truly enables data-informed client cultures, through audits/skills assessments, benchmark against peer sets, offer recommendations for restructuring and build roadmaps. We educate, train, coach and collaborate using ‘tried & tested’ frameworks.



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