As the media landscape continuously evolves, what was simple is now complex. Marketers are now faced with even more challenges, from allocating investments across multiple channels to gaining positive return on investment. So how can marketers bring on board the best-in-class partners for marketing analytics and consultancy, to help their organization meet those challenges? What questions should you provide, and what questions should you ask so potential partners can put forward the best solution?

To set sourcing and procurement professionals up for success, Gain Theory has compiled a Download document that includes:

  1. The 9 Do’s of managing the sourcing and procurement process for marketing analytics and consultancy. Some helpful tips to help you get best responses from vendors
  2. Best-in-class RFP questions that can be applied to multiple types of solutions including market mix modelling, multi-touch attribution and unified measurement

Gain Theory partnered with ProcureCon Marketing at the ProcureCon Marketing conference in New Orleans, where Jon Webb, Managing Partner at Gain Theory, spoke on stage about the latest tools available to help marketers understand marketing investment allocation across multiple channels, as well as how they impact ROI both tactically and strategically.

To get your ‘Guide to Procuring Marketing Analytics and Consultancy,’ download the PDF at the top right side.


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