Gain Theory, the global marketing effectiveness consultancy that brings together data, analytic and technology solutions to help marketers make smarter, faster business decisions, is proud to announce its continuing partnership with EffWorks.

EffWorks is an initiative led by the IPA that champions accountability in marketing and is committed to promoting a culture of Marketing Effectiveness from C-Suite, all the way through organisations. The initiative is supported by a heavyweight list of client side advisors including Telefonica, Jaguar Land Rover, Barclays, ASOS, Lego and 15 others. The initiative is also supported by various industry associations across US, UK and China including MRS, ISBA, TMS, IAB, PRCA as well as 4A’s, WFA, Warwick Business School and Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Gain Theory will act as an unbiased Marketing Effectiveness advisor to the EffWorks Advisory Board, with Managing Partner, Jon Webb, representing the global consultancy.

As part of the 2018 partnership, the consultancy – in collaboration with client side marketers and industry leaders – will further develop the ‘Measurement Strategy in the Digital Era’ green paper released in 2017, into a white paper which aims to give marketers a practical tool kit around marketing measurement including marketing effectiveness culture, contextual sector specific metrics, best practise, blue prints for success, standardised language and success case studies.

Gain Theory’s continued partnership with the EffWorks initiative demonstrates the consultancy’s commitment to helping client side marketers navigate the evolving marketing effectiveness landscape, with practical advice on holistic measurement that delivers tangible business outcomes.

Alan Bloodworth, Gain Theory’s EMEA  CEO says ”We are at an inflection point for Marketing Effectiveness Measurement – never have we had as much data and measurement options as we do today – and marketers’ needs and business level of maturity in measurement vary. Via the green paper and the EffWorks initiative in 2017, we were able to consult on the ‘state of the nation’ and build a foundation for this year’s initiative which will see us collaboratively answer and solve many common challenges and pain points”.

Janet Hull, Director of Marketing Strategy at the IPA, who spearheads the EffWorks initiative says, “EffWorks is an initiative to encourage our evidence-based decision making in marketing and our annual EffWeek programme (9- 12 October 2018) will present the latest thinking on media and creative integration, and how to create value for brands. We are delighted to be working with Gain Theory again in 2018 to deliver those programmes and in particular our Measurement Strategy White Paper which will be announced during EffWeek 2018”.

Watch Jon Webb, Managing Partner at Gain Theory, talk about the EffWeek 2017 Green Paper ‘Measurement Strategy in the Digital Era’.


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