Are you attending the EffWeek Conference this year ‘Reimagining Creativity and Effectiveness’ on Oct 15th in London? Yes? We’ll see you there. No? Well you should be, because it will be the place to be to learn how companies are using effective marketing to fuel their business growth.

That’s one of the many reasons why we’re proud to have a strong, global partnership with EffWorks which champions marketing accountability.

We have proudly supported EffWorks for the past few years, collaborating with this initiative to champion marketing effectiveness and accountability.

In our role as global partners we sit on the EffWorks Advisory Board, advise and produce research and content plus have a big presence at the landmark EffWeek conference in London.

This year, we were invited on a trade mission to China where we were the only marketing effectiveness consultancy that was part of a Promote UK and Advertising Association delegation at the SHIAF (Shanghai International Advertising Festival). Our Global CEO Manjiry Tamhane spoke at a VIP marketer dinner about:

  • Marketing being the engine of business growth
  • Brands existing to grow a company
  • In order to drive sustainable business growth, brands need to know, what happened, why it happened and how to make it happen.

Since our white paper Measurement Strategy: Getting to Best in Class went down a treat last year we are planning to release an intriguing thought leadership piece this year. The title and theme? Both a surprise until the conference. But we’ll give you a hint – it’s centred around something we all think about a lot…the future.  

The conference promises to be thought provoking with Matt Chappell, Senior Partner at Gain theory joining a panel about Measuring the Long Term Today.

There will also be more fascinating speakers in attendance including:

  • Kelly Simmons MBE, Director of the Women’s Professional Game at the Football Association
  • Mark Kermode, The resident film reviewer for The Observer
  • Abba Newbery, Chief Marketing Officer at Habito

We hope to see you there! For tickets, click here.


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