Unified in Diversity.

Strengthened by Inclusivity.

We believe in the power of an inclusive, diverse team to deliver fresh thinking and innovative solutions.

The way we behave with one another and our clients is strengthened by a culture of inclusivity and is unified through our drive for diversity.

Our company values are a testament to this.

We live and breathe our values which were created collaboratively by our people, for our people globally. They are: Be Curious, Be Positive, Act with Consideration and Make it Better. You can read more about our values here.


We view diversity in the broadest possible sense, including race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, social class, education, neurodiversity, experience, ways of thinking and more.

Our focus on diversity enables us to build a culture where all our people are inspired to be curious and embrace the differences that lie within each person.

Embracing diversity reaffirms our support to a variety of employee-led groups globally. These range from Lumena, our women’s network, to Roots, our initiative dedicated to celebrating ethnic and cultural differences.

We believe everyone has a vital contribution to make to our story and we want all our people to feel part of it.

Manjiry Tamhane, Global CEO

“We have a much better chance of creating a diverse and inclusive culture when we educate, inspire and commit to action. Education is key to increasing awareness and understanding of the differences that lie between us. Inspiration allows us to empathize with one another as human beings. And action is needed to create positive change in the way we interact with each other every day.”

Samantha Paget,
Head of People and Culture

“We believe in creating a culture where people can bring their whole selves to work and feel their contributions are welcome. We are invested in creating a culture where different perspectives and backgrounds are sought out, respected and included. This, along with our values, builds a more inclusive way of working together.”

Narrowing the Gender Gap: Lumena

We are proud that Gain Theory already has notable gender balance with women representing 42% of our board. Our Global CEO, Manjiry Tamhane – who was named one of the top 20 Women in Data and Technology in 2018 and 100 Women to Watch for FTSE 350 Non-Executive roles in 2020 – founded the Lumena initiative in 2016 to inspire, empower and support our women globally to maximize their potential, and to support Gain Theory’s growth through diversity of thought. The initiative has seen us collaborate with clients for inspirational events, training sessions and mentorship programs carried out across all our key hubs.

Zosia Jakobek,
Director & Lumena Champion

“Having female voices in the room leads to better decisions and outcomes for our business. Lumena provides support and tools to our women so they feel empowered to bring their voice to discussions”

Embracing Ethnicity and Cultural Differences: Gain Theory Roots

Gain Theory Roots is an initiative driven by many individuals in the company who are passionate about championing greater ethnic and cultural inclusivity in all aspects of our work. The mission is to better inform the way we approach ethnicity, race, culture and religion as well as to strive for greater representation within our own business. The initiative leads a range of projects across the company, from global mentorship programs to open and honest conversations in “Safe Rooms” to Book Clubs, all with the aim of boosting awareness, understanding and social capital within our organization.

People are the heart of our business, so the work we do is rooted around the core values of:

  • Inclusivity, a sense a belonging and representation should be felt by all.
  • Action, our focus on getting things done to make a lasting change.
  • Fairness, the opportunity to succeed is something that should be available to all.
Dina Chauhan, Manager & Roots Ambassador

“We believe differences should be acknowledged and celebrated. The goal of Gain Theory Roots is to make our company a place where everyone can be themselves, is listened to, and can succeed.”


We believe that inclusivity is about feeling safe, avoiding assumptions, having open and honest conversations and finding common ground.

Consistent with our “Be Curious” and “Act with Consideration” values, we invest in education to take our people on an inclusivity journey. For example, we invest in training sessions around topics such as unconscious bias, conscious inclusion and allyship; and hold safe rooms for employees to listen to one another without judgement on diversity and inclusivity topics.

We select and promote our people on the basis of their qualifications, competency and merit, without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or disability. As a WPP company, these commitments are set out in our Code of Business Conduct, which applies to all our people, in our Policy Book and on our intranet. Employees are informed of our commitment through our online ethics training, How We Behave, which includes education on diversity and unconscious bias.


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