At Gain Theory we believe that Marketing is the engine of profitable and sustainable business growth. We know that marketing is the key differentiator for brands today and can be the key weapon at our disposal that will drive growth.

Jon Webb, Managing Partner at Gain Theory, will be joining a panel of experts at the ISBA conference in London on March 5 at 2:30 GMT to discuss the burning issues currently faced in the twin worlds of marketing and marketing effectiveness. Key takeouts:

  • Driving the effectiveness agenda and overcoming the short-term trends, with a focus on the KPIs and metrics that really matter.
  • Overcoming the barriers within a company culture that prevent marketing excellence
  • Why should the C-Suite care? What is the size of the prize if we can get this right?

Joining the discussion will be:

  • Libby Child, Founder, Greengrass Consulting
  • Mark Evans, Marketing Director, Direct Line Group
  • Janet Markwick, Global EVP Operations & Production, Young & Rubicon
  • Nick Pugh, Head of Effectiveness, Ebiquity

For more information on how you can maximize the impact of your marketing effectiveness program, contact Jon Webb please email


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Diageo North America, one of Gain Theory’s long-standing clients, scooped the Data and Analytics Adoption category in the ANA 2018 Genius Awards. The award represents the best, brightest, most innovative and impactful work in marketing analytics today.

In their award-winning entry Diageo demonstrated how they were able to leverage granular insights gained by Gain Theory’s Multi Touch Attribution solution Sensor, as well as demonstrating cultural alignment around data and analytics to boost business outcomes.


Multi Touch Attribution for Granular insights

Diageo has had market mix modelling embedded within the business for a number of years.  However, they were looking for enhanced insights to allow them to make tangible, informed in-campaign decisions.

Trialing Sensor allowed Diageo to leverage in depth analysis, alongside promotions, trade and much more.

Results: In-Campaign Optimizations

By leveraging Gain Theory’s Multi Touch Attribution Solution Sensor, Diageo have been able to get deeper overall optimization insights across 95% of their media spend.

Lindsey Kantarian, Brand Manager, Captain Morgan, Diageo North America, says:

“We have the ability to make real-time optimizations. If television is one of your tactics, which program of television is most effective for you? On the digital side, are display ads or video ads working harder for you? On a social side, which campaign is working hardest for you? And then by creative partner, as well.”

Watch the entry video on the ANA website here.

If Marketing is the engine of business growth, the boiler room of decision making requires a ‘best-in-class’ effectiveness strategy.


  • Having the right Marketing Effectiveness Strategy will help create the right culture, make the right decisions, avoid wastage and maximise impact.
  • Focus on what really matters and create strategies that will ensure Marketing Effectiveness becomes an established part of how you do business.
  • Lead change within the organization by creating the political and emotional fuel required for the journey; adopting a crawl, walk, run approach; and having the right ecosystem in place.

Many organizations struggle with Marketing Effectiveness. Indeed, many are still trying to figure out which adverts are working; and how marketing in a broader sense, beyond advertising, is helping generate business growth.

This paper has been created by Gain Theory and commissioned by EffWorks, an initiative that champions accountability in marketing and promotes a culture of Marketing Effectiveness from C-Suite, all the way down through organizations.

The purpose of this paper is to generate momentum and direction around Marketing Effectiveness Strategy – to help marketing and insight executives maximise the impact of marketing.

In creating this paper, 40 senior marketing and insight executives from a cross section of leading brands were interviewed, representing a UK advertising spend of more than £7bn.


Watch Jon Webb, Managing Partner at Gain Theory talk about why this matter really matters in today’s marketing world.

Episode 1: Taking Effectiveness Strategy to the Next Level

Episode 2: How should a CMO think about Marketing Effectiveness?

Episode 3: How can we drive business growth through Marketing Effectiveness?

Episode 4: What is the Journey to best-in-class Marketing Effectiveness?

Episode 5: How to structure a Marketing Effectiveness programme



In a world where there is a power hose of data and insights, how has that allowed marketers to be brave and challenge conventions to drive business growth? Have data and insights enabled marketers to take creative risks, bust pre-conceived myths and lead change?

Marketing is the engine of growth for business. But ‘old rules’ no longer apply – the media landscape has changed, and the people we market to have new expectations. With access to data, insight and technology marketers are now in a position to be able to change the conversation and thinking inside their own organization.

Manjiry Tamhane, Global CEO Gain Theory joined a stellar panel of senior marketing executives from Target, Universal Pictures and Diageo on stage on the Busting Myths with Data session at Advertising Week, New York on Oct 3rd.

Chaired by Gemma Greaves, Global CEO at the Marketing Society, the conversation centered around brave & bold decision making, marketing leadership qualities and how marketing can lead change within an organization – all informed by data & insights.

Learn about how Target, Diageo and Universal Pictures have:

  • Gone on a data and insights journey to lead change and business growth
  • Embraced the merging of math and magic to break down silos in their organizations and sync up on their goals
  • Became braver marketing leaders by busting myths with data and insights

Click below to watch the panel:



Marketers today are in the human behavior business so they need to understand not only data, but also compassion and connection.

In the digital age, marketers are leveraging data, technology and analytics to not only better understand their consumers, but also develop a more impactful message and experience.

So how do you build lasting relationships with consumers in the digital age?

Join us for an incredible panel hosted by Wunderman and led by renowned psychotherapist, Esther Perel at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity on June 19 to find out.

The panel will feature leading industry experts who will reveal how to move from selling to seduction:

  • Ben Royce, Creative Effectiveness Lead at Google
  • Stephan Pretorius, UK Group CEO & Global CTO at Wunderman
  • Claudia Sestini, Global Marketing & Communications Officer at Gain Theory

To register your attendance, click here

From foot traffic to sales, search marketing can have a tremendous impact on your brand’s performance in physical stores. How do you make the most of this connection and measure the impact of your search marketing on in-store KPIs and goals? Catalyst and Gain Theory joined forces in a new webinar on June 14th to show retailers and brands how to maximize and measure the search engine and in-store connection.

Our expert speakers, Kerry Curran, Managing Partner at Catalyst, and our very own Earl Potter, Senior Partner at Gain Theory, discussed innovative and actionable ways to:

  • Use search marketing to guide your customers from search engines to stores
  • Create a frictionless shopping experience that maximizes in-store foot traffic and drives sales
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing investment
  • Leverage retail marketing insights to address the challenges you face in tying online behavior to offline actions
  • Understand and optimize digital’s impact on in-store performance and your bottom line

To request for a recording of the webinar, please contact Elisa Wong (

Join Gain Theory this June at the Analytics Summit 2018 in London – gathering practitioners from the very cutting edge of analytics to discuss how big data & analytics are shaping the future of organisational decision making.

Brought to you by The OR Society, in association with the Royal Statistical Society, the Analytics Summit brings together experts in analytics, big data and data science from government, journalism, industry and academia, as well as exhibitors from analytics software providers, leading consultancies, and specialist recruitment agencies to deliver a one-day event as a one-stop shop for learning about how big data & analytics are shaping the future of organisational decision making.

Filled with case studies, new innovations, and strategies on how to turn data, to effective decisions the Analytics Summit is a chance for Gain Theory and it’s storytelling mathematicians to connect with the wider data industry to share and explore ideas around organisational data-driven decision making.

The Analytics Summit 2018 takes place at Institute of Engineering and Technology at Savoy Place, London, WC2R OBL on Tuesday 12 June 2018, from 09:00 to 17:00.

If you would like to meet us at the event, send an email to Tom Goodchild, Senior Manager at

For more information visit the Summit’s website at

Are we using the correct KPIs to fully understand the path to purchase?

In the digital age, understanding the impact that marketing investment has on brand strength is a pressure point for many marketers. Picking the right methodology to fully understand the path-to-purchase is the next challenge.

In addition to Marketing Mix Models which focus on single KPIs that drive sales directly, marketers should be allowing data to tell the full story, and thus examine as many KPIs as required to derive a holistic understanding of the marketing ecosystem.

Jon Webb, Managing Partner at Gain Theory will be addressing this topic on stage at the CoFuture event and taking us through the methodology.

CoFuture, organised by WPP, is Turkey’s first 2-day media and marketing-oriented innovation summit, where close to 40 roster of WPP companies and entrepreneurs working in the field of technology and innovation will be able to meet with different start-ups, share new ideas, solutions and visions for the future of branded communications.

In the Gain Theory session on 6th of April at 11:45, on day 2 (Friday) Jon will explore:

  • Understanding the KPIs that are needed to fully unveil the path to purchase
  • Measuring marketing – long and short term, across media channels
  • Re engineering measurement to understand the impact on brand value

To meet with Jon at the event please email

As the media landscape continuously evolves, what was simple is now complex. Marketers are now faced with even more challenges, from allocating investments across multiple channels to gaining positive return on investment. So how can marketers bring on board the best-in-class partners for marketing analytics and consultancy, to help their organization meet those challenges? What questions should you provide, and what questions should you ask so potential partners can put forward the best solution?

To set sourcing and procurement professionals up for success, Gain Theory has compiled a Download document that includes:

  1. The 9 Do’s of managing the sourcing and procurement process for marketing analytics and consultancy. Some helpful tips to help you get best responses from vendors
  2. Best-in-class RFP questions that can be applied to multiple types of solutions including market mix modelling, multi-touch attribution and unified measurement

Gain Theory partnered with ProcureCon Marketing at the ProcureCon Marketing conference in New Orleans, where Jon Webb, Managing Partner at Gain Theory, spoke on stage about the latest tools available to help marketers understand marketing investment allocation across multiple channels, as well as how they impact ROI both tactically and strategically.

To get your ‘Guide to Procuring Marketing Analytics and Consultancy,’ download the PDF at the top right side.

We are proud to announce Manjiry Tamhane, our Global CEO named as one of the 20 Women in Data & Tech initiative, led by The Female Lead and Women in Data.  The initiative showcases inspirational female role models who are helping to transform our world using data and technology.

At the helm of the initiative Edwina Dunn and Payal Jain say ‘For the two of us that share a career in Data Science, we frequently find ourselves the only senior women in a room. We have enjoyed this privilege but are also aware of the lack of balance and diversity, and the impact this has on business decisions and outcomes’.

The purpose behind the Female Lead campaign is to make women’s stories more visible and to provide positive role models for future generations.

With over 20 years’ experience in the marketing effectiveness industry, Manjiry has been integral to Gain Theory’s success since inception. Throughout her career – client side (Penhaligons and Debenhams) and agency (Ohal and Gain Theory) – Manjiry’s guiding principle has been about delivering actionable recommendations that maximize the benefit of marketing investment.

Speaking to The Female Lead in an interview, Manjiry says what she finds satisfying about working in the data and marketing industry is ‘Being able to see data actually drive business decisions that result in a change in the creative output’.

You can watch Manjiry’s interview below.

For more inspirational female role model stories visit The Female Lead website 20 Women in Data & Tech here.

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