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As one of our partners, you will also be asked to take responsibility for helping to support and develop strategic initiatives to help grow the business, and you will be integral in the delivery of the Company strategy and objectives as set out by the EMEA board.

You will be expected to be the key lead on a large client or set of clients and assume ultimate responsibility for servicing their needs in the delivery of strategy and objectives. A requirement of this is building and leading a team on a day to day basis to meet and exceed client expectations and to develop each engagement over time, with an aim to increase revenue.

You will be an experienced marketing effectiveness practitioner, with ability to scope out analytics engagements, build and sign off models, and present to clients. You will be supported in this role by a highly skilled and proficient team with role emphasis on the delivery of strategy and objectives.  In time, you will also take responsibility for developing an area of the business and advising on the best team to help you achieve these (i.e. testing new analytical techniques, developing expertise in media or marketing approaches). You will also have strengths in networking and be confident in developing contacts and building existing relationships to the point that they may generate sales leads and revenue opportunities for the business.

At short notice you may also be required to take on additional tasks, examples of these are: leading pitch teams, attending and contributing at events, creating marketing content and supporting the Group.

Reporting to: EMEA CEO

Key Responsibilities

  • Client Management & Interaction: Ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day client relationship/contact and interaction, delivery of results to the client.
  • Project & Resource Management: Oversee the management of the day-to-day operational aspects of project management, timing plans, tasks allocation, project delivery.
  • Working with data: Oversee data extraction and manipulation, data analysis and validation, batch files, programming.
  • Building Models: Oversee the model sign-off including building and validation, sales effects calculations, ROIs, media optimisation.
  • Creation of presentations: Oversee and ultimate responsibility for content creation and story.
  • Interpretation of results: Oversee and ultimate responsibility for result interpretation and rationale, recommendations, translation of results from analytics into actionable recommendations.
  • Consultancy: Ensure clients and their agencies gain maximum value from our work by providing direct high-quality consultancy support.
  • Team Support & Development: Team collaboration, leadership, communication and motivation. Create an environment orientated to trust, open communication, creative thinking and cohesive team effort.
  • Additional Duties depending on interests/skills/experience:
  • Personal Management: Line management, appraisals, personal progress, training and development needs.
  • Business Development: New business development, client retention, business development planning, management and research
  • Strategic Initiatives: Help to develop strategic initiatives within certain areas of the business and support in the delivery of the Company strategy to the wider teams ensuring the objectives are fully understood
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