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Graduate Analyst

Reporting to: Analyst to Project Manager

Purpose: A Graduate Analyst is expected to work effectively as part of a client delivery team.  The focus (via on the job training) is to continuously develop your technical skills and knowledge of Gain Theory’s working practices and methodology with the aim of passing the probationary period.  Likely tasks during this time will include contributing to the preparation, checking and analysis of data; building base models and assisting in compiling final results for the purpose of client delivery. It is important to also contribute to the Gain Theory culture and participate in activities available to you such as knowledge shares with a positive and inquisitive attitude.

Behaviour Profile: FAST Framework

Forward Thinking: Demonstrates personal initiative; Solution rather than problem-focused; Starts to predict future challenges during task setting phase

Active: Works collaboratively with others; Is able to remain factual, open and accept responsibility; Builds rapport based on mutual respect, trust and collaboration; Has a good grasp of the internal structure and names / roles of key personnel; Takes responsibility for personal learning and development

Simplicity: Has developed an understanding of what Gain Theory does and the company’s philosophy; Clear and concise communication; No jargon

Transparent: Recognised by others as someone who delivers what they say they will; Strong organisational and time management skills; Uses appropriate information and data to tell a simple, pervasive story; Applies common sense to tasks

Key Duties

Working with data: Data extraction and manipulation, data analysis and validation, batch files, programming.

  • Undertake data extraction, manipulation and undertake data analysis to understand the market place and client context relevant to each project
  • Analyse all datasets to ensure that each KPI is understood and can be explained back to the team
  • Create data validation deck to ensure all data used is correct and signed off by a client
  • Ensure that all tables, charts and other information has been checked for accuracy before passing on to the project team (charts are correctly labelled, incorporate standard GT palette colours and are derived from correct data) and ensure that all data, charts and presentations are stored in the correct locations
  • Ensure that RAP file is structured to meet requirements of project (e.g. order and number of variables, exclusion of unnecessary variables) and that batch files can reproduce RAP file exactly
  • Ensure that all outputs are checked for accuracy when data is transformed and keep a record of the checks made
  • Proactively seek experience and familiarization using data extraction tools (i.e. Advantage, AdDynamix, Sysomos, Athena, Google trends, Google analytics, Double Click)
  • Become proficient in core tools used frequently such as Excel/SQL/Python/Pandas/RAP to process, transform, create variables and build models.

Building Models: Model building and validation, sales effects calculations, ROIs, media optimisation.

  • Ensure all relevant variables are created, updated and transformed correctly
  • Build sensible base models according to the project specification incorporating all drivers of KPIs, providing rationale for variables entered, understanding coefficients and sales effects
  • Make sure that any applicable diagnostic tests are passed and that the outputs make sense
  • Calculate sales effects throughout the project to check results and assess their correctness i.e. does media contribution make sense?

Creation of presentations: Content creation, summary of findings, accuracy checks.

  • Create content as specified by project lead and ensure that all content is checked for accuracy and that it is correctly labelled, complete and ready for delivery to client
  • Assist in the writing of slides, specifically of the data issues and methodology sections of a presentation

Interpretation of results: Result interpretation and rationale, recommendations, translation of results from analytics into actionable recommendations.

  • Provide input into the results and implications and comment on the interpretation for future strategies

Meetings: Organisation of internal and external meetings, participation and attendance  as required, agenda, minutes, lead meetings.

  • Take responsibility for organising internal project meetings including an appropriate agenda
  • Participate and attend meetings as required
  • Write up internal and external project minutes and action points and distribute internally within the project team

Project & Resource Management: Project management, timing plans, tasks allocation, project delivery.

  • Ensure project documents are complete, current, and appropriately stored

Team Support & Development: Team collaboration, leadership, communication.


  • Ensure that excellent performance is acknowledged and reasons for success are shared amongst the team
  • Recognise team, project and own failings and provide feedback and help make change happen

Innovation: Process improvements, product development, new trainings.

  • Actively seek more efficient ways of doing things and turn suggestions into actions where applicable
  • Contribute / present sections at knowledge shares to share your experience with business

Business Development: New business development, client retention, business development planning, management and research

  • Support client leads in achieving revenue targets


Business Development

Brand: Live the brand. Understand our mission and values, how they link to FAST behaviours and engage with culture locally and across global hubs

  • Start to explore your own strengths and interests and how these can best serve others and integrate with our company.

Network: We all have a responsibility to promote Gain Theory within our network as networks are the cornerstone of business development.  All staff should maintain a professional Linkedin profile

  • Show an interest in external activities GT staff undertake; be aware that networks are valuable and that you can never start too soon. Start a solid LinkedIn account.

Client Experience

Client Meetings: Do everything possible to make every client engagement a success.  Be punctual, respectful, well presented and mindful

  • Actively listen, make meeting notes and contribute if appropriate to external meetings

Consultancy: We do not report on data, we consult businesses providing valuable insight, analysis and recommendations often based on data

  • Learn to contextualise the data you handle. For example, what is the market context of these sales? What share does our client have? Do numbers make business sense?

Opportunities: Always be on the lookout for an opportunity to upsell

  • Be ready to suggest improvements in deliverables from a client / user context.

Relationships: Be aware that the strength of individual client stakeholders is directly linked to the strength of the overall relationship, therefore all levels at Gain Theory play an integral role in maintaining healthy client relationships and success

  • If meeting / socialising with your client, make every effort to set a good impression

Service: We meet or exceed objectives, always on time and as a team.  We are the trusted advisors, here to anticipate and fulfill client needs

  • Support the team and display flexibility that is sensitive to client expectations and service expectations set by management

Team Effectiveness, Efficiency and Wellbeing

Attitude: Challenge attitudes or behaviours that impact team moral, encourage those who make everyone better off (EBO) and be proactive

  • Maintain a positive attitude, taking responsibility for any mistakes made and learning from them

Innovation: Show interest in what other teams are delivering and promote team and company innovation

  • Engage with suggested changes in process made by your team and help make things more efficient

Resourcing & Timing: Be flexible and open to new opportunities.  Manage your time and commitments to hit agreed internal and external deliverables

  • Be able to commit to agreed timelines for each task and communicate anticipated variances from the plan
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