In a world where there is a power hose of data and insights, how has that allowed marketers to be brave and challenge conventions to drive business growth? Have data and insights enabled marketers to take creative risks, bust pre-conceived myths and lead change?

Marketing is the engine of growth for business. But ‘old rules’ no longer apply – the media landscape has changed, and the people we market to have new expectations. With access to data, insight and technology marketers are now in a position to be able to change the conversation and thinking inside their own organization.

Manjiry Tamhane, Global CEO Gain Theory joined a stellar panel of senior marketing executives from Target, Universal Pictures and Diageo on stage on the Busting Myths with Data session at Advertising Week, New York on Oct 3rd.

Chaired by Gemma Greaves, Global CEO at the Marketing Society, the conversation centered around brave & bold decision making, marketing leadership qualities and how marketing can lead change within an organization – all informed by data & insights.

Learn about how Target, Diageo and Universal Pictures have:

  • Gone on a data and insights journey to lead change and business growth
  • Embraced the merging of math and magic to break down silos in their organizations and sync up on their goals
  • Became braver marketing leaders by busting myths with data and insights

Click below to watch the panel:


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