Advanced analytic solutions to uncover where growth will come from (sources and levers of growth).


A system of interconnected models that fuse hindsight, insight and foresight to accelerate business growth.  HiFusion incorporates data interrogation, customer segmentation, cognitive / behavioral sciences, market mix modeling (MMM), multi-touch attribution, testing, demand signals / forecasting, agent-based simulation and war-gaming to understand what has happened, why and what to do next.

HiFusion components are seamlessly connected to identify long-term strategic opportunities and to address near-term tactical performance questions.

Unified Measurement

Measurement of short and long -term impacts unified via Market Mix Modeling, Path to Purchase Analytics and Sensor MTA to evaluate and optimizes business drivers, marketing activities, media partners, campaigns and creatives across geographies, sales channels, and audiences to maximize short and/or longer-term business growth.

Market Mix Modeling (MMM)

Measures the contribution and impact of all business drivers and investments across geographies, sales channels, audiences, and time. Guides investment decisions to maximize short- and/or longer-term business impact.

Path to Purchase

Establishes marketing’s direct and indirect impact across the entire path to purchase (brand health, brand engagement, conversion, and loyalty).

Sensor™ ​

A multi-channel attribution tool that enables marketers to improve the effectiveness of all media campaigns with granular, near-time insights that are privacy compliant and enable optimization at the tactical level. Click here to find out more.

Testing ​

Scalable tests deployed to a subset of geographies and measured alongside all other marketing drivers to control for exogenous factors that may confound more ‘traditional’ randomized control tests. Ensures test results can be replicated during rollout.

Preference Analytics

Real-time testing solution that captures consumer preferences across product, environmental and situational attributes and allows for real-time preference-based optimization. Customized experiences at the individual level leading to higher conversion and growth.

Next Best

Artificial intelligence, real-time scoring of individuals based on likelihood to convert and drivers of conversion. Prioritizes audiences, channels and messages to improve customer conversion.

Trade / Pricing / Promotion Analytics

Establishes impact of changing base pricing, discounting and promotions at the channel / retailer / outlet level.  Supports pricing strategy and optimization through a deeper understanding of price elasticity.

E Commerce Accelerator 

Determines key drivers of e-commerce sales, overall and by sales platform, with deep dives that support dynamic optimization of creative, media, pricing and / or promotions.

Agent Based Simulation

Simulates opportunities in rapidly changing markets using real world knowns and hypotheses to create a digital ‘twin,’ enabling advanced scenario evaluation and war-gaming. Outputs inform future growth opportunities and priorities.

Demand Signals

Identifies trackable metrics predictive of future behavior which are used to forecast category and/or brand sales and to support course correction, where necessary.



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